Frustration (23 September)

I really do not understand what she is expecting.
She really expects things happen according to her instructions but she have no idea what is the procedures. And since she dunno the procedures, she wants you to find the procedures yourself, but after you found the procedures, she doubt the procedures….

So, what is she thinking.

I am so pissed off with her now.
If she wanna do it her way then she can do it herself. No guidance and doubt other people’s instructions then might as well she do herself la. Right?



Frustrations of the day (25 August 2014)

I do not know whether is my message unclear, or she have problem understanding me.

I have attached a screen shot of the registration page, indicating radio buttons for different options of different days for conference, the whole conference is a 2 days conference.
The options available are:
1) Full Conference
2)  Day 1 Reception / Day 2 Conference
3) Pre-conference Workshops Only
4) Day 1 Reception Only
5) Day 2 Conference Only
She can ask me, does the full conference options includes the first day? To me, this is a weird question.

Then there is a second question on which session of concurrent talks she will like to attend, her answer was since one of the topic from one company have yet to be known, she will choose another one if the other topic is more interesting.
We can only select one topic so I am not sure how she is going to change the topic in the future.

Frustrations (20 August 2014)

Hm… Someone in office told me I shld have raised some items under another service code… The best thing is, the more I hear her talk, the more I am confused.

Even without my boss around me, I realised my colleague can manage to irritate me.

She came and call me to ask whether she can save the document when it is opened as read-only mode.

Then after saving the document, she panicked when she saw the last updated person is showing herself.

Seriously, I do not understand how come she will ask such questions? She is not new, and this is also not the first time she have used the document. So I do not understand her panic and why she will ask this question.

Frustrations (19 August 2014)

The system is very versatile, with a lot of different options.

But the way she is saying is simply like pointing the logic out but she doesn’t know how to do it on the system, and she can’t say how to differentiate one service code from another. She is simply saying I am wrong.

I am frustrated due to the fact that there seems to be a lot of different processes and procedures, but guidelines cannot be found. It is all based on experience… Which for a newcomer, there is no one to guide, no one to teach, you pretty much have to learn by trial and errors…..

This shouldn’t be the way to do it… Why make it so difficult for newcomers?? Why make it so hard for people have no experience?

Frustrations (12 August 2014)

Have you have any friends whom you are supposed to be close with, but everytime, when there is communication, you just feel so tired talking to him/her????

There is someone like that around me.

It is not like I have nothing to talk, I do, but everytime I start talking, I will feel like regretting my decision to start talking. Haix.

I am really frustrated with my boss….. Super frustrated….

I dun understand how can you be a head of a department, but you have absolutely no idea about the procedures to do anything…..

Every instruction from you are a “can you please check…” But you expect your employee to know exactly who to check from when you have absolutely no idea who to check from.

I feel that all the thanks and sorry from her mouth feels so cheapo….. And so fake…

Asked her to sign something today… But when she return the form… 1) she didn’t sign it, she just completed another line in the form which didn’t need to be filled.. 2) she asked me what is her approval limits…………. 3) she added something else in the form which is totally unrelated…. Wat the crap!!!

Frustrations (08 August 2014)

I do not understand why someone will want to go through all the trouble just to switch off the main power switch which is near to the ceiling.

If you do not need the hot water, you can choose to bathe in cold water. There is no reason for you to switch off the main power switch to the water heater and make everyone go without hot water for a few days.

What is the reason to switch it off too in the first place??

After you switch it off, can’t you switch it on again?

I am a short girl, there is absolutely no way I am able to switch on the power switch. So I am supposed to suffer till the person remembers to switch it on again?

Frustrations (07 August 2014)

I have no idea how come she have documents for approval that was flowed straight to her.

Thought she wanted all documents to come from IHiS? And IHiS will normally pass their docs to me, so how did it goes straight to her in the first place.

Best still if they need to trace where it is, and since it never came through from me, so I will not have any records on it, so how to trace???

I dun understand how come there are people who will write everything in CAPITALS. And I am not talking about people who are typing things and their CAPS lock are left on.

I mean people who are writing on paper and pen in full CAPITALS.

What are they trying to prove? What are they trying to emphasize when there is nothing to emphasize on the items they are writing down.