Be Still

Infertility journey can feel so lonely… So helpless… So many unknown…

This is the first cycle where I am on a semi-natural cycle… In medicated cycle, I am given Progynova to stimulate my lining to grow, but there won’t be any ovulation or follicle growth with that mediation. For this cycle, I am given Letrozole to stimulate the follicles, so that I may have an ovulation. And being someone with PCOS, I can’t stop worrying whether the medication will work with me, whether it will really cause an ovulation with me, whether this cycle will need to be cancelled…

Since I am not on any other medication, there is no additional external help to try to get ovulation to occur in my body. I just need to believe that the medication will do what it needs to do, and my body will respond to it at its own timing.. And the result will be a positive one… 🙂

The situation may not be the best that we know of, but as long as everything is in God’s hand, He will have the best plans for us at His perfect timing. Trusting and believing that He will show His faithfulness through the situation irregardless of what the natural circumstances may be.


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