Hong Kong holiday (10 – 17 March 2015) – 10 March 2015

We planned for this trip since Dec, so it was a good break from work. 🙂

My flight was at 0155, so I went to the airport straight after work on 09 March. We chose to fly scoot for this trip.

We arrived around 6am on 10 March. We then bought our Sim cards to use for this trip. Then we took the public transport to Mongkok where we will be staying for this trip.

We left our luggage with the person in the counter of the hostel we are staying in, then we headed to get our brunch.

  My first meal of Soy Sauce Fried Noodles. 

Then we went back to the hotel hoping to be able to check into our rooms and relax before shopping around.

We finally did get our rooms, we tested till dinner time and we headed out nearby for dinner and did some walking around.

  My second meal of Fried Rice Noodles with Beef. 

After food we walked around the Ladies’s market before going back home. Hubs and my sister in law continued walking around the area till around 12am before coming back to the rooms.

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