Curry Times @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

Date of visit: 25 October 2014

As a late birthday celebration for my husband, his parents and us agreed to have a dinner in Changi Airport.

We chose Curry Times as my in-laws haven tried that before.

When we arrived, it was around dinner time, so there is already a queue at the entrance.

We ordered the following that day:


Coconut and Aloe Vera Jelly Dessert


Sardines Bun

Coconut Bun

Coconut Bun




Steamed Tofu with Century Egg


Curry Chicken


Prawn Roll


Fish Maw Soup


Dried Curry Chicken

The food at Curry Times are freshly prepared, so their food are rather tasty.
The place can be rather packed as the seats are rather packed together.
We were assigned a rather small table but it is alright for us, we just treat it as a warmer gathering only.
Their service are more of a cosy family restaurant.
I will suggest this location for meal if you want a cosy meal with your family.
But this will not be the best location for a romantic dinner with your lover though.

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