Batam Trip (20 – 21 September 2014) – Day 1

My colleague invited us for his wedding in Batam.

I went there with my husband as a short holiday trip. šŸ˜‰

We went there in the afternoon, then we walked around and did a little shopping for some stuff like water and other necessities. Then we took a short stroll to the hotel we are staying in.

After checking in, we went for lunch in the hotel cafe. After lunch, we had to make a trip to 7-11 to get panadol as I am having a headache.

After that we went back to the room to rest till it is time for the wedding dinner.

Below are the dishes we had during the dinner:

IMG_0301.JPGMenu of the day

IMG_0298.JPGAssorted Cold Platter

IMG_0300.JPGShark Fins Soup with Crab Meat

IMG_0302.JPGScallop in XO Sauce

IMG_0303.JPGBraised Pork with Bun

IMG_0304.JPGSteamed Sea Bass (Hong Kong Style)

IMG_0305.JPGSteamed Chicken with Candle Nut

IMG_0306.JPGBeancurd with Seafood

IMG_0307.JPGSteamed Abalone with Broccoli

IMG_0308.JPGLongan with Beancurd

After the dinner, we went back to the room as it was quite late already.

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