September BoxGreen

Being such a snacker as I am, I am always looking out for healthier snacks for me to try.
I enjoy the pleasure of eating and it is better if it is healthy snacks.

I saw this subscription box online and went ahead to purchase a box to try.

This quote is super relevant to me, cause when I have food, my mood is good. ^.^IMG_5348.JPG

There are 5 packs of snacks in this month’s box.IMG_5351.JPG1) Pre-Apple Crumble
Add flour, sugar, water, eggs, apples and you already have a half decent crumble. Alternatively, you can just try the natural and healthier version, our version. Tangy and tasty!

I am not super fond of walnuts, but taken together, it really is quite nice.

IMG_5350.JPG2) Mother Earth Apple & Strawberry Fruit Stick
Served only in the Business Class in Singapore Airlines, these Fruit Sticks are baked and made with real fruits, with the goodness of wholemeal flour without artificial colours or flavours.

This is a light snack for people on the go, super convenient to bring along, and it tastes sweet.

IMG_5352.JPG3) Just Almonds
Back by popular demand, our almonds are baked fresh in Singapore to the right degree of crisp, and a great snack to eat on its own. That’s 80g of cardiovascular benefit you’re imbibing there.

IMG_5353.JPG4) MacRitchie Midnight
Our version of a natural Black Forest Rocky Road Nutella thingamajig. You are holding on to our very first a bag with a touch of dark chocolate. Best eaten for an energy boost while stranded in the dark depths of Macritchie at midnight.

This is the best snack in this whole box to me, it is a mixture of tastes, sweet and tasty at the same time, something very refreshing and different from others items anywhere.

IMG_5354.JPG5) East Bali Cashews – Roasted Cashews rolled in Natural Cocoa Powder
East Bali Cashews are both processed and grown in Bali, empowering the farmers and the community. The nut shells are burnt to produce energy to run the machines, and the resultant biochar is put back into the land. It’s the circle of life! Eat good, feel good, do good.

This is a very good snack, it tastes a little like nutella with more texture, although it is just a plain cashew nut covered in cocoa powder.

I enjoyed this month’s box of snacks. It is refreshing to know that there is snack subscription box in Singapore. =)
More healthy snacks for me. Lovely.

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