Writing101: Free Writing

We are told to do free writing for 20 minutes. So here goes nothing:

The first thought that pops into my mind is about people.

I know that we are all different. Everyone have their own different set of thinking patterns, different sets of values and priorities and different sets of ways of doing things, etc.
That makes up who we are in totality. There is nothing right or wrong about it, it is just the difference we all are as a person.

Although sometimes, what others do may look and feel wrong to you, or you have a better way on how the things should be done or approached, it may not be the wisest decision to confront the person unless you are absolutely sure the other person is open to accept what you have to say. Some may have been too set in their idea that they believe you are the one who is in the wrong, some may feel that you are too bothersome, some may see that you really care and wanted the best for them, but they will still choose to stick to their own ways, so ultimately, your relationship with that person may suffer.

Whatever a person does, or think, I believe a lot of it have to be linked to what they have previously experienced. Whatever they have experienced, whatever they have gone through to reach who they are today, it makes a difference in them.

No two people go through the same situation even if they are twins and from the same family, they may think differently and be faced with different situations which will in turn form them into different people.

Everyone have their own personality, we deal with things differently, we look at things differently. So to be able to see the full picture of any given situation is almost impossible on our own, but if we are willing to listen to others’ opinions, sometimes they may see things from a different perspective, and that will help us to understand a situation better.

Everyone also feels differently in a situation. Sometimes, when we read of a news we care about, we will feel strongly about the news, but sometimes, we do not care about what we read about at all because the news are about things that is irrelevant to us.

It is impossible to fully understand and feel from another person’s perspective because we have never gone through the same situations they have went through before. We can only try our best to accept them as who they are and the choices they choose to make. When people make their choices, they do have to live with the results of their choices, there is no turning back the clock to redo their choices, they can try to make amendments to their choices, but some choices do have lasting effect to their lives which cannot be undone.

Everyone makes mistakes in life, no body is prefect, sometimes due to wrong decisions we have made, they may be effects that we have to face with for the rest of our lives, but it is also a decision that we make to choose how that effect will do to us, whether it makes us better people or the other way.

20 minutes is not too long a time indeed.

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