Who I am and Why I am Here

Started on a blogging assignment (:p).

I do not mind blogging, but a lot of time I am unsure what I should be blogging.

I do have a full time job, so I do not spend all my time staring at the computer thinking about what I should blog about.

This blog is basically started for me to express my views about the things I have gone through or am going through, a place for me to vent out my frustration as work feels super frustrating now. Things happen in office, and I realized that somehow, there isn’t anyone I can talk to about the situation. I just need a place to vent out my frustration about work.
I also started this blog to allow me to pen down my thoughts linked to the photos in my phone, so that I can remove those photos from my phone memory. Mainly they are pictures of food, most places are nice, else I also will not be bother to take down any pictures.

Via this assignment, I do hope to be able to write more. Blogging on the phone is not the ideal situation, but it is the most convenient. Most of the time, all my post are created and published straight from my phone, and WordPress makes it super easy to do it. So when I have time to spare when I am just waiting around, I will look at the photos I have in my phone and just upload the food pictures from the past. Sometimes, just by looking at those photos, it brings back fond memories of the time shared.

Sometimes I do wish to have a place for me to have a computer table and a good desktop at home so that I can have a place to call my own to jot down my feelings and thoughts, but currently my house isn’t the best place for it as it feels rather cramp and cluttered. Which means I must really settle down and clear up the place. I am always very lazy to clear up my mess.

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