Grand Twilight Burger – Macdonalds (08 September 2014)

I was at Toa Payoh after work (it isn’t too far from my office though), I stumbled along the new menu offerings in Macdonalds.

IMG_5330.JPGThe Twilight Menu

Thank Goodness Every Day Has An Evening
Loosen your tie, kick off your shoes and let hectic days give way to relaxing evenings.

Take the time to savour our new Grand Twilight Burger – a juicy quarter pound beef patty smothered with steak sauce, caramelized onions and topped with a delicious egg in a sesame seed bun.

Or chillax with the Classic Twilight Burger – a succulent quarter pound beef patty served with turkey bacon, nacho cheese sauce and silvered onions in a sesame seed bun.

Seize the day, but enjoy the night too. Carpe noctem!

I ordered their Grand Twilight Burger to try.


This burger is huge! It is super filling so much so that I can’t even finish in one sitting at all.

I love my eggs, so when I saw that there is egg in the burger, I know I just have to try it.
It is rare to have eggs in burger now, so this is something special.

The beef is super juicy, very nicely done.

This is a burger for all that wants a good burger that doesn’t cause us an arm.

Here are what else they are offering in the new menu:


If I do not come to Toa Payoh today, I will not know that there are new offerings in Macdonalds.

So it means I should go out more often, then I will be able to find out more stuff. 😉

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