Cafe Fest (6 – 7 September 2014)

I am one of those who have bought passes to go down for the event months before.

The location isn’t that easy to find and it was really right under the sun. I went on Saturday with my hubs, we were there around 11am, and there were people everywhere. The prices was like normal cafe prices, so special discount or anything.

In the end, as we cannot find a comfortable place to sit down to enjoy or anything, we left within 30 minutes. We just grabbed some snacks and coffee and just walked back to the comfort of air conditioning in MBS.

The goodies bag is really not what it claimed to be. A value of $100 is not what is see in it at all. Yes, there is a notebook which boast 20% discount in services, but all those services aren’t something I will go to. I only think the coasters are usable, the bag was so small that I do not think it can fit in A4 size items. And the printing was smudged as well.

Somehow, I still went down on the second day, this time round, the number of people there are lower, there are seats available for us to sit down, but I am not very interested to sit down under the sun. Super hot and stuffy. The only thing which I feel is worth it is the one for one drinks from Toby’s estate.

I find the place very small and cramp, and it is right under the hot sun, which I do not think normal Singaporean will like to just sit or stand under the sun and eat.

I didn’t even bother going to see the VIP tent on the second day as I believe there will be too many people inside. And the idea of sitting on the hot ground doesn’t entice me at all.

To me, this is a waste of money buying the tickets, but since this is what I have decided to do on my own accord, I can’t blame anyone about it at all.

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