Curry Times (31 August 2014)


We wanted to try something new, so we went for lunch at Curry Times (Changi Airport Terminal 3 B2 public area).

This eatery have been newly opened for just a few weeks, so they do not have any set meals promotion at all (which is not reflected in their website).

We reached around 1pm, and there was a queue outside the eatery.

This eatery is by Old Chang Kee, so there is a counter selling OCK goodies as well.

IMG_5265.JPGThis is the snack that we can help ourselves to while waiting in line, I believe this is complimentary with any purchases.

IMG_5266.JPGThis is how the cutlery are being passed to us, with the bill, and as the table was super small of the two of us, the cutlery almost fell off the table.
The table next to us, were not even being served the cutlery, they have to ask the waitresses for them after their food started arriving.

IMG_5267.JPGLychee, Sprite and Aloe Vera ($2.90 ++)
This drink is rather refreshing and nice, not overly sweet as well, but mainly for the novelty of it.

IMG_5268.JPGTheir signature Curry buns. Soft, fluffy and warm buns stuffed with curry fillings.

IMG_5269.JPGThe insides of the curry buns. ($1.50 ++ each)

IMG_5272.JPGMy Nasi Lemak with Mid-joint Chicken Wings ($7.90 ++)

IMG_5271.JPGCold Tofu with century eggs ($6.90 ++)
This dish is rather plain. But since both me and hubs do not like the green chilies the other green toppings, we made the tofu even plainer.
But this is not a bad dish as an appetizer, although this came after our mains arrived.

Their services was alright, we finished the meal in 1 hour.
But their spaces in between tables are non-existence. I was so close in between the other two tables that I can hear whatever they are talking about. And since this outlet is opened in Changi Airport, there are also customers with luggage, but there do not seem to have any designated space to put those luggage so it can block the way in the eatery as well.

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