Kkongdon Barbecue @ Marina Square (24 August 2014)

I had that as a late lunch with hubs.


We had the buffet lunch for 60 minutes.
There is a lot of side dishes that comes with the buffet.



There are also a number of options for the meats, we just chose the beef and the pork for us today.



With each buffet orders, there are some complimentary items to go along, we had the following:

IMG_5229.JPGSeaweed, mushrooms and pumpkin slices

IMG_5232.JPGKimchi Soup

IMG_5228.JPGSpicy Rice Cakes

I adore their non-spicy meats! The spicy meat is too spicy for my liking, as I can’t hold my spices too well.

The place is cosy for a nice meal and I do not feel like I smell like a barbecued meat after the meal.

Their service was good as well. I will like to go back there again.

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