Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant (23 August 2014)

We had a family dinner at Long Phung to celebrate my brother’s birthday.


IMG_5211.JPGCondiments that is on the table.

IMG_5212.JPGGreen Mangoes

IMG_5213.JPGPrawn Rolls

IMG_5214.JPGBeef Pho

IMG_5215.JPGTamarind Juice – this is rather interesting and special to me.

IMG_5216.JPGGrilles Pork and Fried Spring Roll Noodle

IMG_5217.JPGGrilled Pigeons


We also ordered Seafood Fried Rice, Ice Coffee, Soda with Lemon Juice and Sugar and Hot Coffee.

The total damage was $87.50 for the 5 of us. The charges are nett prices. We ordered too much food that we are unable to finish everything. So I think the price is still rather reasonable and the portion is pretty big.

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