Cheesy 7 Pockets Pizza (23 August 2014)

I had a late lunch with hubs at the Pizza Hut outlet at Compasspoint.

We ordered the Cheesy 7 Pockets Set for 2. It came with a regular 9″ pizza, 2 sides and 2 drinks.
We chose the pizza to be with pepperoni, chicken wings as side dish and ice lemon tea. We also ordered the cheesy beef balls and mussels to go with our meal.

IMG_5208.JPGCheesy Beef Balls

IMG_5209.JPGCheesy Mussels

IMG_5207.JPGChicken Wings

I didn’t take the picture of the pizza though.

I reached there at about 3.30pm, gave my orders around 3.45pm, I was informed that my orders will take around 15 to 20 minutes to arrive. My chicken wings came first at around 4pm, followed by the beef balls and mussels at around 4.10pm. But the pizza only came at around 4.30pm, after we have finished all our side dishes and drinks. And it was after we asked them about the pizza that it came.

So we spent around 1 hour in the restaurant with a bulk of the time just waiting for the food to arrive.

If they would have told us earlier that the wait will be close to one hour, I would have been more accommodating to the delay….
So this is a super disappointing experience there.

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