Thought of the day (21 August 2014)

It matters not how dark the way, how thick the clouds from day to day, God will direct all we do if we take time to pray it through.

In life we make a lot of decisions. It is all things we decide upon based on what we know or what we want to accomplish.

Sometimes there are major decisions that we need to make that will have drastic effects on our life, like the person we marry.

Some decisions can still be changed when we realise that we are uncomfortable with what we have decided upon earlier. But some decisions doesn’t allow for a second chance.

We may make many decisions but one important point I believe in is that we should never regret the decisions we make. If we make a decision and it is correct, we should be glad and continue in that decision, and if we make the wrong decision, we should try to make amendments to it and take it as a learning lessons and try not to make such wrong decisions again. Regretting upon a wrong decision with no actions to change it will not have any results, we will just be wallowing in self pity, not coming out of the rut we have dug for ourselves.

I can’t say that we should only make the right decisions and not make any wrong decisions as we are humans. We all make mistakes whether we choose to do it or not. We can’t totally avoid making decisions, so we just have to still make them to the best that we know of and can control. Those circumstances that are beyond our control are not something that we can change in the first place anyway.

Just make your decisions the best you can, and bear with the results of the decision to the best of your abilities. No one is perfect, we ask make mistakes, let’s try to be better persons and be more understanding to one another.

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