Thoughts of the day (19 August 2014)

We don’t need judgmental “friends” who condemn us when we are down or tell us we shouldn’t feel the way we feel.

We need supportive friends who I’ll listen to us, give us their understanding, and help comfort us with the comfort they themselves have received in their times of trouble.

We all have feelings, there are times where we feel encouraged, on fire, positive, ready to go, but there are also times where we feel down and out, rejected, depressed or just plain sad.

There is neither right or wrong in having a certain feeling. It is just how we feel.

When we are down, we wish to be comforted, while when we are encouraged, we should be the ones who give comfort to those who will need it.

We can all make a difference to the feelings of people around us. A little by a little, we can touch and support one another as we go by our days.

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