Thoughts of the day (14 August 2014)

There is no need to care what others think and say about you.

Just do what you need to do and all other things will fall into its rightful place.

When I heard my husband’s colleague who commented that her off days are too precious that she will not work overtime at all, I asked her what about the stand by which they have to do every month, she replied, she knows that the standby is compulsory, but she will call in mc on the days she is activated.

Upon hearing those comments, I feel in my heart that she is not a perfect fit for the job. I feel that she is just working for the money, but there is no passion for her work at all.

Thinking at myself, I wonder, do I have the passion for my work? In actual fact, I do not think so.

Hm….. Where is my passion?? What do I like to do???

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