Frustrations (12 August 2014)

Have you have any friends whom you are supposed to be close with, but everytime, when there is communication, you just feel so tired talking to him/her????

There is someone like that around me.

It is not like I have nothing to talk, I do, but everytime I start talking, I will feel like regretting my decision to start talking. Haix.

I am really frustrated with my boss….. Super frustrated….

I dun understand how can you be a head of a department, but you have absolutely no idea about the procedures to do anything…..

Every instruction from you are a “can you please check…” But you expect your employee to know exactly who to check from when you have absolutely no idea who to check from.

I feel that all the thanks and sorry from her mouth feels so cheapo….. And so fake…

Asked her to sign something today… But when she return the form… 1) she didn’t sign it, she just completed another line in the form which didn’t need to be filled.. 2) she asked me what is her approval limits…………. 3) she added something else in the form which is totally unrelated…. Wat the crap!!!

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