Thoughts of the day (05 August 2014)

Somethings have been in my mind these few days…

How do you respond to the people around in your life?

To me, I believe that everyone have their own ways of life, choices they make and decisions they choose to have, as long as it does not harm me or others, I do not see anything wrong about it.

I also do not need someone to be accountable to me for everything they do.

But apparently, I have a friend that will demand to know all about a situation… It is like if you are chatting with her via whatsapps, she expects you to be online till you announced that you are going to bed, but for me, I can chat halfway and just fall asleep on my bed. Lol. That is me.

I was chatting with her on Sunday night, then she left a message asking me whether I am sleeping, but I didn’t reply, the next morning, she said, when the message was sent, it was even before the time she last saw me online. Haix.

Does it really matters that much? Does it really bothers that much?

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