Curry Times (31 August 2014)


We wanted to try something new, so we went for lunch at Curry Times (Changi Airport Terminal 3 B2 public area).

This eatery have been newly opened for just a few weeks, so they do not have any set meals promotion at all (which is not reflected in their website).

We reached around 1pm, and there was a queue outside the eatery.

This eatery is by Old Chang Kee, so there is a counter selling OCK goodies as well.

IMG_5265.JPGThis is the snack that we can help ourselves to while waiting in line, I believe this is complimentary with any purchases.

IMG_5266.JPGThis is how the cutlery are being passed to us, with the bill, and as the table was super small of the two of us, the cutlery almost fell off the table.
The table next to us, were not even being served the cutlery, they have to ask the waitresses for them after their food started arriving.

IMG_5267.JPGLychee, Sprite and Aloe Vera ($2.90 ++)
This drink is rather refreshing and nice, not overly sweet as well, but mainly for the novelty of it.

IMG_5268.JPGTheir signature Curry buns. Soft, fluffy and warm buns stuffed with curry fillings.

IMG_5269.JPGThe insides of the curry buns. ($1.50 ++ each)

IMG_5272.JPGMy Nasi Lemak with Mid-joint Chicken Wings ($7.90 ++)

IMG_5271.JPGCold Tofu with century eggs ($6.90 ++)
This dish is rather plain. But since both me and hubs do not like the green chilies the other green toppings, we made the tofu even plainer.
But this is not a bad dish as an appetizer, although this came after our mains arrived.

Their services was alright, we finished the meal in 1 hour.
But their spaces in between tables are non-existence. I was so close in between the other two tables that I can hear whatever they are talking about. And since this outlet is opened in Changi Airport, there are also customers with luggage, but there do not seem to have any designated space to put those luggage so it can block the way in the eatery as well.


Frustrations of the day (25 August 2014)

I do not know whether is my message unclear, or she have problem understanding me.

I have attached a screen shot of the registration page, indicating radio buttons for different options of different days for conference, the whole conference is a 2 days conference.
The options available are:
1) Full Conference
2)  Day 1 Reception / Day 2 Conference
3) Pre-conference Workshops Only
4) Day 1 Reception Only
5) Day 2 Conference Only
She can ask me, does the full conference options includes the first day? To me, this is a weird question.

Then there is a second question on which session of concurrent talks she will like to attend, her answer was since one of the topic from one company have yet to be known, she will choose another one if the other topic is more interesting.
We can only select one topic so I am not sure how she is going to change the topic in the future.

Kkongdon Barbecue @ Marina Square (24 August 2014)

I had that as a late lunch with hubs.


We had the buffet lunch for 60 minutes.
There is a lot of side dishes that comes with the buffet.



There are also a number of options for the meats, we just chose the beef and the pork for us today.



With each buffet orders, there are some complimentary items to go along, we had the following:

IMG_5229.JPGSeaweed, mushrooms and pumpkin slices

IMG_5232.JPGKimchi Soup

IMG_5228.JPGSpicy Rice Cakes

I adore their non-spicy meats! The spicy meat is too spicy for my liking, as I can’t hold my spices too well.

The place is cosy for a nice meal and I do not feel like I smell like a barbecued meat after the meal.

Their service was good as well. I will like to go back there again.

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant (23 August 2014)

We had a family dinner at Long Phung to celebrate my brother’s birthday.


IMG_5211.JPGCondiments that is on the table.

IMG_5212.JPGGreen Mangoes

IMG_5213.JPGPrawn Rolls

IMG_5214.JPGBeef Pho

IMG_5215.JPGTamarind Juice – this is rather interesting and special to me.

IMG_5216.JPGGrilles Pork and Fried Spring Roll Noodle

IMG_5217.JPGGrilled Pigeons


We also ordered Seafood Fried Rice, Ice Coffee, Soda with Lemon Juice and Sugar and Hot Coffee.

The total damage was $87.50 for the 5 of us. The charges are nett prices. We ordered too much food that we are unable to finish everything. So I think the price is still rather reasonable and the portion is pretty big.

Cheesy 7 Pockets Pizza (23 August 2014)

I had a late lunch with hubs at the Pizza Hut outlet at Compasspoint.

We ordered the Cheesy 7 Pockets Set for 2. It came with a regular 9″ pizza, 2 sides and 2 drinks.
We chose the pizza to be with pepperoni, chicken wings as side dish and ice lemon tea. We also ordered the cheesy beef balls and mussels to go with our meal.

IMG_5208.JPGCheesy Beef Balls

IMG_5209.JPGCheesy Mussels

IMG_5207.JPGChicken Wings

I didn’t take the picture of the pizza though.

I reached there at about 3.30pm, gave my orders around 3.45pm, I was informed that my orders will take around 15 to 20 minutes to arrive. My chicken wings came first at around 4pm, followed by the beef balls and mussels at around 4.10pm. But the pizza only came at around 4.30pm, after we have finished all our side dishes and drinks. And it was after we asked them about the pizza that it came.

So we spent around 1 hour in the restaurant with a bulk of the time just waiting for the food to arrive.

If they would have told us earlier that the wait will be close to one hour, I would have been more accommodating to the delay….
So this is a super disappointing experience there.

Thought of the day (21 August 2014)

It matters not how dark the way, how thick the clouds from day to day, God will direct all we do if we take time to pray it through.

In life we make a lot of decisions. It is all things we decide upon based on what we know or what we want to accomplish.

Sometimes there are major decisions that we need to make that will have drastic effects on our life, like the person we marry.

Some decisions can still be changed when we realise that we are uncomfortable with what we have decided upon earlier. But some decisions doesn’t allow for a second chance.

We may make many decisions but one important point I believe in is that we should never regret the decisions we make. If we make a decision and it is correct, we should be glad and continue in that decision, and if we make the wrong decision, we should try to make amendments to it and take it as a learning lessons and try not to make such wrong decisions again. Regretting upon a wrong decision with no actions to change it will not have any results, we will just be wallowing in self pity, not coming out of the rut we have dug for ourselves.

I can’t say that we should only make the right decisions and not make any wrong decisions as we are humans. We all make mistakes whether we choose to do it or not. We can’t totally avoid making decisions, so we just have to still make them to the best that we know of and can control. Those circumstances that are beyond our control are not something that we can change in the first place anyway.

Just make your decisions the best you can, and bear with the results of the decision to the best of your abilities. No one is perfect, we ask make mistakes, let’s try to be better persons and be more understanding to one another.

Seasonal Salad Bar (21 August 2014)

One of my colleagues was promoted, so he arranged for a celebratory luncheon. We went to Seasonal Salad Bar for the meal.


There is a promotion in August.


We ordered from the lunch express menu.
And all the mains comes with the salad bar.


My first round of salad bar

I ordered the sirloin steak as my main.



There are also ice cream available for desserts.

So this can be a very filling lunch and if you come in a group of four, it is still rather affordable at less than $20 per person.