Poulet (17 July 2014)

I had another meet up with some ex-colleagues.

We decided to meet at Poulet for a meal.
We met at their outlet in VivoCity.
Upon arriving, I realized that their menu have been revamped.

Some items are no longer available but there are new items around as well.


IMG_4852.JPGDuck Salad

IMG_4853.JPGFrench Onion Soup

IMG_4854.JPGTruffle Mashed Potato (This is the highlight of my meal today.)

IMG_4855.JPGTheir signature chicken

IMG_4856.JPGCreme Brûlée (Nicely executed!)

Good food is nice but good friends are even better.
And food taste better when you are with good company.

I do not mind the changes in their menu, the food is quite good, and the portion is sufficient for us.

After the meal, we ended the night with coffee at Toast Box.

I always enjoy going out with people whom I like. People who will accept us just as who we are. We are all not perfect, but being accepting to others makes a lot of differences.

We are all uniquely different, we can always learn from each other’s experiences.


Chicken Up (7 July 2014)

Hubs was on leave, so I told him to meet me in Tanjong Pagar and we went to tried this Korean Fried Chicken joint.
They are serving buffet with some side dishes as well.IMG_4779.JPGRadish (Appetizing)

IMG_4780.JPGTruffle Fries (Craving for it again)

IMG_4777.JPGKimchi Fried Rice 

IMG_4781.JPGChicken Glory

IMG_4778.JPGSide Salad

The food was rather nice, but the pricing can be a little on the pricier side, you cant really eat too much there as the portions are rather filling.