Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 3

Today, was a very painful day.
After the water rafting exercise the day before, almost all of us are aching all over.
So the climbing of stairs up and down for breakfast is a chore, and a pain in the ass.

IMG_4397.JPGWaffles for breakfast

The rest of the group continued with their tour today, for water sports and more temple visitation, but I stayed back at the villa to enjoy the villa more.

IMG_4400.JPGMy simple lunch of cup noodles

IMG_4402.JPGThe view of the pool while chilling under the shades

Hubs and me walked around the area, checking out the shops around the area.
Nothing really for me to buy. But the day was quite nice for us.

For dinner, we settle it at a newly opened restaurant near the villa. The chef is an African, but his mother is an Indonesian.
IMG_4430.JPGIsland Cafe (Specializing in African dishes)

IMG_4425.JPGBread to begin the meal with.

IMG_4427.JPGStewed Beef

IMG_4426.JPGAmazingly seared steak


IMG_4428.JPGThis is the glutinous rice dessert with coconut

Although this place is very new, their services was very good, and the atmosphere there is very romantic. During the time we went, they have yet to have their grand opening which is supposed to be happening in June.

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