Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 2

At around 8am in the morning, the staff from the villa will come and prepare the breakfast for us according to what we have ordered  the night before.

There is a kitchette and dining area on the second floor on top of the living room area.IMG_4345.JPG


After breakfast, we headed out to our first activity of the day, water rafting.

The driver drove us to the location which was pretty far from where we stayed, then after getting our equipment, we continued on our super long tiresome hike of stairs to the waters.

The whole experience was really fun.. but the walk is horrendous to me as the steps are steep and narrow with nothing to hold on to.. Super scary for me.

The problem starts when we land at our destination.. it means a super steep and high climb back to the place..

And one side of my slippers went missing during the rafting session..

In the end, Winston have to let me use his slippers… so he climbed back barefooted. *Haix*IMG_4352.JPGAfter that, we had a lunch provided by the water rafting company, then we proceed to our next location of visit. I also bought a pair of slippers there so I do not have to endure the rest of the journey barefooted.IMG_4355.JPGWe went to visit a coffee plantation, this is the animal that help to create the “Kopi Luwak”.

IMG_4364.JPGA cup of brewed Kopi Luwak.

IMG_4361.JPGThis is the equipment used to brew the Kopi Luwak.

IMG_4362.JPGWe also tried other drinks for free that are available at the plantation.

After leaving the plantation, we drove back to Seminyak area for dinner.

IMG_4369.JPGWe went for dinner at Made’s Warung. We told the driver to leave us there and he can go back first, we will find our own transport back to the hotel.

IMG_4370.JPGIced Chocolate

IMG_4371.JPGBabi Kuling.

After that we headed back to the villa in 2 separate cabs. We arranged for our breakfast again, and off we went to dream land.

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