Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 1

This trip have been planned for since last year during the 1 for 1 air tickets promotion for TigerAir.

The flight was early in the morning, and since hubs is working till 1 am on the flight day, we made arrangement to check in for our flight the night earlier, so we have time to explore Changi Airport Terminals as well.

IMG_4244.JPGView of the Koi Pond from above

IMG_4250.JPGSun Rise on 25 May

IMG_4252.JPGThe bathroom in the Transit Hotel

After freshening up, we met the others in the transit area for a quick breakfast before heading to do our boarding.

IMG_4265.JPGOur transport to the villa.

We are traveling in a group of 10, so the villa arranged for a mini bus to fetch us.

The journey wasn’t too bad, it was still rather smooth and it wasn’t too long.

Once we arrived, it was before their scheduled check in time, so we hang out at the reception area, drank their welcome drink before we were given the keys to our villa.

IMG_4271.JPGThe living room area

IMG_4272.JPGThe pool

IMG_4268.JPGOur King-sized bed (Please ignore the bag)

IMG_4269.JPGOur bath tub

IMG_4270.JPGThe toilet area

Each room have their own bathroom facilities. We have a total of 4 rooms in the villa for the 10 of us.


After putting our things in our rooms, we are ready to be on the go. We have arranged for a driver for this trip who will drive us around to all the locations we wants to visit.

First stop… Lunch!!
It was around 3pm before we went for lunch so we are all very hungry.

He brought us to a chinese restaurant for lunch, so we ordered some dishes and shared. This is what my table ordered.

IMG_4291.JPGUluwatu Temple

This is the first tourist spot we went to, we reached around 4 pm in the evening, the view from there was rather nice. And there were a lot of monkeys there.

My spectacles got snatched off my face by one of them, and I am glad the driver managed to get it for me, else I would be blind for the rest of the trip.

Next, we headed for dinner.

IMG_4304.JPGJim Baran Bay

This is a very expensive place for seafood meal, but we all know, when you are traveling you are going to have to pay for experience.

After the meal, we headed back to our room for the night.

Before we turn in, we looked at the breakfast menu as we need to order our food for the next morning before 10pm at night.

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