Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 4

Before we know it, it is already the final day of our trip.
It is a nice experience to be travelling with friends. =pIMG_4434.JPGA table lined with breakfasts options.

Then we went nearby for lunch before heading back to the villa for our transport to the hotel.IMG_4440.JPGThis dish is rather okay.

After lunch, it is about time for us to head back to the villa for our transport back to airport and for our flight.

The whole experience is somewhat interesting, as the group gets bigger, and the trip gets longer, you do get to see how each one reacts to situations, we get to know more about each other in the process.

I am waiting for another trip with them.



Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 3

Today, was a very painful day.
After the water rafting exercise the day before, almost all of us are aching all over.
So the climbing of stairs up and down for breakfast is a chore, and a pain in the ass.

IMG_4397.JPGWaffles for breakfast

The rest of the group continued with their tour today, for water sports and more temple visitation, but I stayed back at the villa to enjoy the villa more.

IMG_4400.JPGMy simple lunch of cup noodles

IMG_4402.JPGThe view of the pool while chilling under the shades

Hubs and me walked around the area, checking out the shops around the area.
Nothing really for me to buy. But the day was quite nice for us.

For dinner, we settle it at a newly opened restaurant near the villa. The chef is an African, but his mother is an Indonesian.
IMG_4430.JPGIsland Cafe (Specializing in African dishes)

IMG_4425.JPGBread to begin the meal with.

IMG_4427.JPGStewed Beef

IMG_4426.JPGAmazingly seared steak


IMG_4428.JPGThis is the glutinous rice dessert with coconut

Although this place is very new, their services was very good, and the atmosphere there is very romantic. During the time we went, they have yet to have their grand opening which is supposed to be happening in June.

Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 2

At around 8am in the morning, the staff from the villa will come and prepare the breakfast for us according to what we have ordered  the night before.

There is a kitchette and dining area on the second floor on top of the living room area.IMG_4345.JPG


After breakfast, we headed out to our first activity of the day, water rafting.

The driver drove us to the location which was pretty far from where we stayed, then after getting our equipment, we continued on our super long tiresome hike of stairs to the waters.

The whole experience was really fun.. but the walk is horrendous to me as the steps are steep and narrow with nothing to hold on to.. Super scary for me.

The problem starts when we land at our destination.. it means a super steep and high climb back to the place..

And one side of my slippers went missing during the rafting session..

In the end, Winston have to let me use his slippers… so he climbed back barefooted. *Haix*IMG_4352.JPGAfter that, we had a lunch provided by the water rafting company, then we proceed to our next location of visit. I also bought a pair of slippers there so I do not have to endure the rest of the journey barefooted.IMG_4355.JPGWe went to visit a coffee plantation, this is the animal that help to create the “Kopi Luwak”.

IMG_4364.JPGA cup of brewed Kopi Luwak.

IMG_4361.JPGThis is the equipment used to brew the Kopi Luwak.

IMG_4362.JPGWe also tried other drinks for free that are available at the plantation.

After leaving the plantation, we drove back to Seminyak area for dinner.

IMG_4369.JPGWe went for dinner at Made’s Warung. We told the driver to leave us there and he can go back first, we will find our own transport back to the hotel.

IMG_4370.JPGIced Chocolate

IMG_4371.JPGBabi Kuling.

After that we headed back to the villa in 2 separate cabs. We arranged for our breakfast again, and off we went to dream land.

Bali Trip (25 – 28 May 2014) – Day 1

This trip have been planned for since last year during the 1 for 1 air tickets promotion for TigerAir.

The flight was early in the morning, and since hubs is working till 1 am on the flight day, we made arrangement to check in for our flight the night earlier, so we have time to explore Changi Airport Terminals as well.

IMG_4244.JPGView of the Koi Pond from above

IMG_4250.JPGSun Rise on 25 May

IMG_4252.JPGThe bathroom in the Transit Hotel

After freshening up, we met the others in the transit area for a quick breakfast before heading to do our boarding.

IMG_4265.JPGOur transport to the villa.

We are traveling in a group of 10, so the villa arranged for a mini bus to fetch us.

The journey wasn’t too bad, it was still rather smooth and it wasn’t too long.

Once we arrived, it was before their scheduled check in time, so we hang out at the reception area, drank their welcome drink before we were given the keys to our villa.

IMG_4271.JPGThe living room area

IMG_4272.JPGThe pool

IMG_4268.JPGOur King-sized bed (Please ignore the bag)

IMG_4269.JPGOur bath tub

IMG_4270.JPGThe toilet area

Each room have their own bathroom facilities. We have a total of 4 rooms in the villa for the 10 of us.


After putting our things in our rooms, we are ready to be on the go. We have arranged for a driver for this trip who will drive us around to all the locations we wants to visit.

First stop… Lunch!!
It was around 3pm before we went for lunch so we are all very hungry.

He brought us to a chinese restaurant for lunch, so we ordered some dishes and shared. This is what my table ordered.

IMG_4291.JPGUluwatu Temple

This is the first tourist spot we went to, we reached around 4 pm in the evening, the view from there was rather nice. And there were a lot of monkeys there.

My spectacles got snatched off my face by one of them, and I am glad the driver managed to get it for me, else I would be blind for the rest of the trip.

Next, we headed for dinner.

IMG_4304.JPGJim Baran Bay

This is a very expensive place for seafood meal, but we all know, when you are traveling you are going to have to pay for experience.

After the meal, we headed back to our room for the night.

Before we turn in, we looked at the breakfast menu as we need to order our food for the next morning before 10pm at night.

Kowloon Hong Kong Dim Sum @ Ang Mo Kio (18 May 2014)

My brother recommended this place, so we all went there for brunch one day.

It is not near any mrt stations so we went there by bus.

IMG_4117.JPGFresh Shrimp Cheong Fun ($3.00 for 3 rolls)

IMG_4118.JPGFreshly Baked Egg Tarts ($3.80 for 4)

IMG_4119.JPGBo Luo Bun ($1.80 for 1)

IMG_4120.JPGOsmanthus Jelly with Wolfberry ($3.00 per plate)

IMG_4121.JPGSpecial Braised Chicken Feet ($5.00 per plate)

IMG_4122.JPGSpecial Diary Salted Bun ($3.80 for 3)

IMG_4123.JPGBBQ Pork Bun ($1.80 for 2)

IMG_4124.JPGMinced Pork Shrimp Dumplings ($3.00 for 4)

IMG_4125.JPGSteamed Chicken Feet ($3.00 per plate)

IMG_4126.JPGShrimp Dumplings ($3.80 for 3)

IMG_4129.JPGPaper Wrapped Chicken ($3.20 for 2)

Their pricing are rather affordable, but payment is in cash only. Their items are not too bad considering their pricing. So you are enjoy dim sums at quite a good price.

Address: Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 #01-3030 Singapore 560151

Girls’ Day Out (13 May 2014)

My friend A managed to find time to leave her daughter at home with her husband and met me out.

We met in the late morning for brunch at Plaza Singapura.

We ate at Itacho.



IMG_4056.JPGMore sushi for us


This is all we ordered for lunch between us, comes up to around $10 for each of us.

After eating, we walked around and shopped around before going back home at around evening time.

Friends are meant for each other. Without one another, there will not be any need for friends at all.

Nahkon Kitchen (11 May 2014)

Another place which my brother suggested.
We went there for Mother’s Day celebration.

Nakhon KitchenNahkon Kitchen

Thai Milk TeaThai Milk Tea – too sweet for my liking

Tom Yum SoupTom Yum Soup

Pork SlicesPork Slices

Papaya SaladPapaya Salad

Pandan ChickenFried Pandan Chicken

Green CurryGreen Curry


The food there isn’t too bad, but the queue can be super long during dinner time. So you have to be prepared to wait for your table.

That time we went, the wait was around 2 hours.